Growth Services

Provides businesses who have a growth opportunity with access to experienced Advisers and Facilitators delivering Growth Services who will work with them to develop their unique growth plan. Advisers/Facilitators will mentor the business through the implementation of their plan, facilitating access to knowledge and expertise, research, funding and other assistance.
A Growth Services engagement will enable your business to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities more rapidly, easily, and capably, with less risk. The engagement will help your business build the capacity to accelerate growth.
At no charge to you, a Business Adviser or Facilitator will;

  • Develop a Growth Plan to help you reach your growth potential
  • Provide support, advice and mentoring to build the necessary capabilities, culture, strategies and connections for growth
  • Provide you with access to relevant advice, networks and knowledge
  • Help maintain your growth momentum through regular meetings and follow-up

Who can apply:

  • At a minimum, you must meet the Entrepreneurs’ Programme eligibility criteria;
  • At a minimum, you must have a realistic and achievable growth opportunity that will transform your business;
  • At a minimum, you must have management commitment to achieving the opportunity;
  • At a minimum, you must be willing to acquire the necessary resources and capacity to successfully execute a growth plan.